Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

The permanent elimination of unwanted hair growth is an achievement of recent years with the help of modern technology. The use of laser systems to eliminate unwanted hair from various areas of the face and body is becoming more and more popular. It concerns women and men who wish to get rid of or even thin the hair growth from parts of the face and body, where it is an aesthetic problem.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

The other methods of hair removal, apart from the advantage of low cost, often show side effects such as injuries, skin sagging, varicose veins, folliculitis and certainly do not eliminate the necessity of the next hair removal. Laser hair removal is the most efficient method of permanent reduction or elimination of unwanted hair. The treatment concerns women and men who wish to get rid of or thin out hair growth from parts of the face and body where it is an aesthetic problem.

Φωτογραφίες ΠΡΙΝ - ΜΕΤΑ

ΠΡΙΝ - ΜΕΤΑ: Επιτυχημένη αποτρίχωση στην περιοχή της πλάτη
ΠΡΙΝ - ΜΕΤΑ: Επιτυχημένη αποτρίχωση στην περιοχή της πλάτη

 ΠΡΙΝ - ΜΕΤΑ: Καθαρισμός στην περιοχή του αυχένα.
ΠΡΙΝ - ΜΕΤΑ: Καθαρισμός στην περιοχή του αυχένα.

How does Laser work?

The laser is emitted as a pulsed beam of light through a hand-held device, while a coolant is injected so that the temperature in the treated area does not rise and the procedure is well tolerated. Receptors of different diameters are fitted to the device depending on the area to be removed (smaller receptors on the face compared to the body).

The mechanism that causes the destruction of the hair is explained as follows. The energy that is emitted is absorbed by the skin’s melanin. In unntanned skin, the melanin is mainly concentrated around the hair follicle. By absorbing the laser energy the hair follicle is destroyed. So the hair that binds more energy (because it has more melanin around it) is easier to be damaged. The phenomenon is called selective photothermolysis. It is an absolutely safe method as there is no radiation affecting the internal organs. In the clinic, we use the Alexandrite Laser by Candela company, a machine that is the most famous and most recognized for its effectiveness in the aesthetic field.

Αποτρίχωση με laser αλεξανδρίτη
Αποτρίχωση με laser αλεξανδρίτη Candela

Video: Αποτρίχωση με Laser Αλεξανδρίτη

More information

Hair removal with alexandrite technology is the most effective method in relation to any other. In relation to other lasers, it has the advantage that the existing hair falls out immediately. Gradually after 2-3 sessions, the hairs weaken and become thinner. Then the hair growth thins until it is completely eliminated while the skin is smooth and soft. Repetitive treatments are required every 40 days, for a total of 8-10 sessions.

It is important to repeat the treatment every 40 days while the hair is in the anagen phase (more susceptible to the laser energy).

What are the limitations in applying the laser treatment?

  • Hair removal treatments are not suitable for people with tanned skin or for people with a very dark complexion. In this case, a skin burn can occur or the laser energy must be adjusted to lower intensities, resulting in less effective treatment. (The hair falls off, but many treatments are required).
  • Sunbathing or solarium is not allowed for 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Laser application on irritated skin should be avoided (e.g. on the face after peeling, etc.).
  • We should not use self-tanning products while on treatment.
  • On hormone-dependent areas (face/neck/nipples) in women with polycystic ovaries, hyperandrogenemia or other hormonal problems that cause hair growth, multiple sessions may be required.
  • The laser should not be applied on areas with fluffy hair (e.g. cheeks), as it may have the opposite effect (hair thickening).
  • The laser should not be applied on very light colored hair (white or blonde) as it may not have the expected results.
  • In men, multiple sessions are required to reduce hair growth.
  • In people with psoriasis or vitiligo, the intensities should be lower because they may activate the disease locally.
  • For pregnant women, avoid the application on the abdomen and bikini area. The patient should have the consent of her obstetrician.
  • In areas with many moles, we should take protective measures.
  • The laser can damage tattoos. In areas with small tattoos, we cover the tattoos and we avoid laser application is avoided. No laser is applied in areas with large tattoos.

What is the procedure before and after hair removal?

48 hours before the application of the first treatment, the area of ??the body that is going to be depilated is shaved, so that the hair is at least 2 mm long (not too long). If another epilation method is applied (e.g. halawa or wax), a period of 1 month must have passed since the last epilation.

Then, we shorten the hairs to a length of 2-3 mm with a trimmer.

No shaving required for facial hair removal. Make-up removal is required for laser treatment on the face. Both the operator and the patient wear protecting glasses during the treatment.

The physician makes the appropriate adjustments for its individual. It should be noted that relatively fair skin types with dark hair are the most suitable candidates for laser hair removal.

After the 2nd or 3rd session, the hair becomes thinner and softer, while areas of thinning can be seen. After hair removal, it is advisable to avoid the exposure to the sun for 2-3 days, while in sunny seasons the use of sunscreen is recommended in exposed areas.

It is recommended to apply local anesthetic cream in areas sensitive to pain (i.e.bikini) prior to the treatment. After application, if necessary, cold pads and soothing creams are applied. The pain is generally similar to or milder than waxing. After the treatment, there is a mild irritation on the skin that lasts 24-48 hours. There may also appear a perifollicular edema, especially in the first applications, (chicken-like skin) which subsides shortly. After application, hair growth stops, the hair roots "fall out" within about 15 days and the area remains hairless.

Friction and hot pads should be avoided until the irritation disappears.

When laser hair removal is applied on large areas, a follow up session (7 days) is recommended.

 Αποτρίχωση με laser αλεξανδρίτη Candela
Αποτρίχωση με laser αλεξανδρίτη Candela

When can we start Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can be applied to all ages starting from 13-14 years old since already at this age intense hair growth in girls poses a major aesthetic and psychological problem. There is no risk as there is no radiation. However, the physical development at this age is not complete, so more treatments may be required. In general, once there is a need for hair removal, the laser is the best option. By choosing laser hair removal we avoid the consequences of other epilated methods (folliculitis, cuts, burns, etc.)

In which areas laser hair removal is applied?

The areas where the laser is successfully applied are the upper lip, face, bikini, chest, armpits, arms, legs, abdomen, back and the whole body in general. The laser is also applied on the front line if needed and also on the upper eyebrow area. In men, in addition to the usual areas of application (arms, chest, back, abdomen) unwanted hair can be removed from nose, neck or ears.

How painful is laser hair removal?

It is a well-tolerated and not painful procedure. In some areas with a high density of hair growth and thick hair, e.g. bikini, the preparation with a special anesthetic cream is necessary. We apply an anesthetic cream for at least 45 minutes before treatment for effective anesthesia.

The first application is performed by the doctor’s assistant and is thoroughly explained while the patient waits for the cream to work in the doctor’s office. In the following applications, the preparation is performed from home.

What are the adverse effects / side effects of the treatment?

Laser hair removal is a safe method in the hands of an experienced doctor. The usual side effect of this method may be the temporary burn on the skin (dark skin complexions or tanned skin). For this reason, if the tanned patient insists on the treatment, we suggest a few test shots and after 48 hours to apply the treatment.

Rare cases of photosensitivity with rashes after laser have been reported. As mentioned above, areas with fluffy hair should be avoided. For this reason, if we have few hairs in these areas, the old method of electrolysis of individual hairs is preferable. Otherwise, we apply as many treatments as needed for hair elimination. In general, laser is the safest treatment. It should be emphasized that it does not have (emit) radiation and does not affect lymph nodes, so its application in areas such as the chest and armpits does not involve any risk.

What is the cost for laser hair removal?

In the past, laser hair removal was very expensive and remains a costly method, but it is not prohibitive and the results definitely pay off. The most expensive treatments are those that require a lot of time and concern large hair growth areas. The cost is determined by the number of hairs and is estimated by the doctor after an appointment free of charge. Finally, after a certain number of treatments and as the number of hairs decreases, fewer shots and treatment time are required so the cost adjusts accordingly.


Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

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